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Songs without album

Don't say you made up your mind

Down the drain (This song also featured in the game Cargo Commander).

Live opname Radio 1 (18 april 2019)

Day We'll Meet

Onze stad

Opname thuis:

Live opname in Opium in Vondel CS (met Remco Sietsema en Jelle Himmelreich):

Goodbye My Only Darling

Instrumental #1 (Bombay Waltz)

Instrumental #2 (If you love me still)

Ant Sweet Lullabies

Small album dedicated to Kees Biem Bruining (and all the other babies that were born before and after).

Song 1, 2 and 4 are mixed by Max Sombroek.

1. We Have it All (Right Now)

2. Winter Night

3. Pebbles

Double bass: Jelle Himmelreich

4. I Surely Hope

Double bass: Jelle Himmelreich

Harmonica: Remco Sietsema

5. Are You Ready